• Busting Frozen Food Myths: Healthier than you think

    Frozen food is often pegged as being a lower quality and less healthy alternative to other types of meals. However, this is becoming less and less true as the frozen food industry evolves. We’ve covered the frozen food process in our previous “How Frozen Food Works” post, but what does this mean for you? The [...]

  • You Asked, Mama Answers

    Mama Michelina officially made her way on to Facebook and Twitter just a few short months ago, and our audience of fans and followers is already 17,000 users strong. The best part about this arrival into the social media world is that we have access to talk to fans on a one-on-one basis. With all [...]

  • The Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Difference

    With summer in full swing, many of us are determined to stay in the best shape possible. If you think being food conscious means throwing out delicious homemade meals and becoming an herbivore, think again! A big misconception while on the path to living a healthy lifestyle is that we can’t enjoy the meals that [...]

  • How to Stay Organized and Clutter Free in Your Kitchen

    From baseball games to cabin trips, the summer is busy! Don’t waste extra time in your kitchen struggling over clutter and mess. Follow these easy steps to clean up your food zone fast. It’s in the details: Pay attention to the little details around the kitchen. Together these details form the whole kitchen experience. Try [...]

  • 4th of July Fun

    Independence Day: A time for American flags, cook outs, and fireworks. There’s no other day that makes families feel so patriotic. And while we all make an effort to celebrate our freedom this time of the year, there are some great ways to have fun on the 4th of July weekend while staying within your budget. [...]