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    Get Ready For Romance, Valentine’s Day Is Almost Here

    In ages past, young men and women across Europe would gather on Valentine’s Day to draw names from a bowl. After picking a Valentine at random, they would place their chosen name over their heart (or on their sleeve) and exchange gifts. Much has changed since ancient times. Luckily for us, we get to choose [...]

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    Mama’s Super Bowl Party Playbook

    Huddle up, Most Valuable Fans! Mama has some party ideas that’ll make your Super Bowl bash the best one yet. Whether you’re having a handful of friends over, or expecting the whole neighborhood, these tips will help you plan and execute an awesome Super Bowl party. 1) Decorate!   Skip the streamers and go for a [...]

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    Mama’s Winter Warmer Recipes From Around The Web

    It’s been a record-setting winter, filled with cold and ugly weather. There’s nothing like good food to warm you up and lift your spirits when the weather gets rough. Here are some of our favorite winter warmer recipes from around the web. We hope they’ll keep you healthy, happy and excited for spring. Chicken & [...]

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    Following Through On Your New Year’s Resolution

    January is one of the toughest months of the year. The holidays are behind us, the weather stinks, work is busier than ever and then there are those pesky New Year’s Resolutions to keep! Whether it’s drinking less, eating healthier or getting more exercise, keeping your resolution is no easy task. Some reports indicate as [...]