Mama’s Money Advice: How to put the Fun into Tax Refund

Once the holidays have come and gone, and the New Year seems like eons ago, we all dread the day the W2 form comes in. Though the optimistic thought of, “oh I have a few months to complete this” plays in your mind, chances are you waited until last minute to file your refund.  Now that April 15th has passed, we’ll just put that on the list of resolutions for next year so you’re not scrambling to get them done! Tax day is over, and it’s time for you to take a deep breath, relax and decide what to do with that extra chunk of change. From historic and successful experiences, here are some of Mama’s suggestions for how to put the fun into your tax refund and make the most out of that little bit of extra income!

  1. Splurge on something new. You work hard for your money, and everyone deserves a little “to me from me” gift. Go ahead, buy that silky blouse or new tech gadget you’ve had your eye on all winter. Then, put the rest of your tax money in your savings account to save for your next big purchase.
  2. Plan a trip. This winter has been one of the longest winters yet! From the chilly winds to snow showers in April, a sunny escape may be just what you need in order to avoid cabin fever. Whether it is a road trip to the sandy beaches with your friends, a cruise or an all-inclusive resort, your tax money would be well worth some sunny rays!
  3. Kitchen Remodel. Cooking is a great way to express creativity, so why not put your hard earned tax dollars towards sprucing up the room you create delicious recipes in. Need some inspiration? We all know that Pinterest goes a long way—find a new color scheme, pattern mixture, unique utensils and some awesome DIY activities and get to work!
  4. Stock your freezer with Michelina’s. Now, we may be a little biased in suggesting filling your freezer with our beloved green boxes, but what a great way to effectively and efficiently spend your money! Life moves fast, and the days pass by quickly, so stock up on the food that is the fuel that keeps you going when you need a quick pick-me-up or tasty meal in order to live life to the fullest.

So friends and family, the time to choose how to spend your money is now. While mulling over the monetary decision you are about to make, do so while enjoying one of our Michelina’s entrees like a  Santa Fe Style Rice & Beans or Chicken Fried Rice. There’s no need to find justification for any of Mama’s suggestions on how to spend your tax refund dollars, her words of wisdom are known to be great ones.

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