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Does Michelina’s share coupons?

Yes! We offer different kinds of coupons at different times. Please watch your local flyers, check the underlid of your Michelina’s meal, and look for special sales or promotions at your grocery store. Also, check out our website often for online coupons.

Help! I followed the cooking instructions and my Michelina’s is still a little too cold.

Microwave ovens vary in power, so you might need to heat it a bit longer. If your entrée is still cold, please continue to heat in 30-second increments until it is cooked through.

Is it safe to heat and eat my Michelina's entrée once it is thawed?

Unfortunately, you should toss out your meal if it completely thaws. Depending on the time and temperature of the thawing process, the quality and food safety of any frozen product might be compromised. But please grab another frozen one, heat it up, and enjoy!

Can I recycle my Michelina’s packaging?

Yes, in some places. It depends on the recycling options where you live. Our trays are made from coated paper board, and this material, like milk cartons, is not recyclable in all areas. Please ask your local recycling, solid waste, environment, or public works department. They can explain the recycling options in your area.

Do you offer family-sized Michelina's entrées?

We offer our entrées in convenient single-serve sizes, so everyone can choose their favorite. Enjoy with your family or on your own!

Who is Bellisio Foods?

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Bellisio Foods, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of frozen meals sold under the Michelina's and licensed Boston Market and Chili’s® ® brands, as well as products for foodservice and co-pack customers. Products include single-serve entrees, multi-serve meals, and snacks and appetizers. Bellisio products are found in supermarkets and other retail grocers in North America and Canada, and more than 2 million Bellisio meals are enjoyed every day in restaurants and at home. To learn more about Bellisio and their other companies, please visit www.bellisiofoods.com.

Who is Mama Michelina?

Mama Michelina is the inspiration behind our delicious recipes. She was a talented cook who brought Italian classics to America, and gave them fresh, local flavor. Mama Michelina was also the beloved mother of our founder, Jeno F. Paulucci, who created Michelina's to honor her and share her cooking with the world. For more on Mama Michelina, click here.

Do you have any gluten-free Michelina’s products?

Since pasta is such a big part of Michelina’s, we don’t claim that any of our products are "gluten-free". We make a lot of our meals with grain-based ingredients (especially wheat), and because individual sensitivity to gluten varies, we really can’t be sure that gluten is not present in our products, even those that are rice-based.

Will I find MSG in my Michelina’s meal?

Yes, some of our meals do have a little MSG, or "monosodium glutamate”. Sometimes MSG occurs naturally, and sometimes we add a very small amount to balance or blend tastes. MSG is an amino acid, not an actual flavor, so all food companies are required to list it in a product’s ingredients. (Many flavors can be generalized as either natural or artificial.)

What type of enzymes are in Michelina’s products?

Enzymes in food - such as cheese - can be used to help production process, or improve texture and appearance. Cheese labels don’t have to distinguish between enzyme sources, but some enzymes are animal-based, some are vegetable-based, and some come from microbial systems. We get our cheese from a few different manufacturers, and they tell us that they frequently switch enzymes as they work to create the best possible cheese products.

For further questions and concerns, please contact consumer affairs at: 1-800-446-5469